About Us

Experts Vitals is the best professional resource when you need to get official, certified copies of your vital records.

We wanted to ensure that our service could be used by anyone in America. So, we spent years analyzing over 10,000 different applications from states, counties, and cities across the U.S. Our experts are trained professionals who use their knowledge to make sure that your application is correct and error-free. This allows us to provide our customers with the fastest possible service and guaranteed application acceptance.

Why choose Experts Vitals to help you get your vital records?

We’re Safe and Secure

Over the last 5 years, Experts Vitals has helped over 200,000 people, from across the U.S, get copies of their important documents.

We’re Convenient and Fast

The Experts Vitals team works hard to make sure that every customer has exactly what they need to get their application processed as quickly as possible.

We Work Hard for You!

Our experts will assemble a complete application package for you and use our resources to make sure it goes to the vital records office that can process it the fastest. You’ll get your documents in record time, without delays or rejection.