How to Get a Copy of a Marriage Certificate?

Marriage Certificate

After two individuals marry and register their marriage with the state or county, they are issued a Marriage Certificate. This document simply certifies and serves as proof that the two people are officially married to one another. You may need a copy of your marriage certificate to:

  • Change your name
  • File your taxes
  • Apply for a joint loan
  • File for divorce

There are a couple of different ways to apply for a copy of a Marriage Certificate. You can visit a vital records office in the area where the marriage was registered and apply in-person. Or, you can apply online, with the help of our vital records experts.

Our team of professionals will help make sure that you have the correct forms and documentation to get a certified copy of your marriage certificate sent straight to your home.

Experts Vitals can help you get a copy of your Marriage Certificate with zero hassle.

At Experts Vitals we can help you request a copy of your Marriage Certificate.